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‘Star Trek’ Fans Put Kirk’s Command Chair in Their Homes –

Saving the galaxy ... and watching some basketball

‘Star Trek’ Fans Put Kirk’s Command Chair in Their Homes –

The New York Times published an article discussing people that really want to be James T. Kirk.   And, I mean, who wouldn’t.  Swashbuckling through the galaxy, plenty of ensigns to get killed off, and green women to woo.  (He’s one of the few people I know — er…characters — where you just can’t say the name without the middle initial).  But particularly avid, aging fanboys have been creating Enterprise captain chairs for their family rooms.  Now that is just strange.  Who are these guys married to?  I can just imagine what Stephanie, Noelle and Brooke would say if I tried to pull that off.  After we were engaged I got rid of my old, brown, beat-up — but incredibly comfortable — bark0lounger.  I cannot say Stephanie made me do it; it really did start to have a vague beer, pizza aroma.  It was more of an acknowledgement that some things have to go once you are planning to live together.  I still have a picture somewhere where I am toasting it at the curb with a beer in my hand remembering all the memorable times I had on that chair.  I’m sure a few were watching Star Trek movies that did not s***.  There were a couple.

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