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Doctor’s (Gag) Orders : NPR

On the Talk of the Nation, March 24, 2009 (which you can download as a podcast or listen to on the link below), TOTN discusses the emerging trend of consumer driven web reviews of doctors.  Dr. Jeffrey Segal, CEO and founder of Medical Justice, talks about this trend and efforts of some providers of having patient sign waivers agreeing not to participate in them (or otherwise limiting what they say on them).  I had, a few years back, a limited experience with this.  A patient of a physician client of mine had posted an inappropriate post on a general comercial review site.  The site was not focused on reviews of physicians.  After quickly reviewing the post and the terms of service of the site, I emailed the service provider, indicated that the poster was violating its terms of service, and the post was quickly removed.  I hear (but have not researched) that Angies list is now getting into the physician review game.  Wonder where this will lead.  via Doctor’s (Gag) Orders : NPR.


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