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Psychiatric Group Ends Industry-Sponsored Seminars –

The March 25, 2009 NYT reports:

[T]he American Psychiatric Association announced on Wednesday that it would end industry-financed medical seminars at its annual meeting. ***The association, the field’s premier organization, said it would also phase out meals at the meeting paid for with industry money. ***The association has been reviewing the income it received from industry sources since early 2008, Dr. Stotland said, looking for potential conflicts. Since then, Congressional investigators, led by Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, have found that several prominent psychiatrists who received hundreds of thousands to more than $1 million from drug makers did not report that income to their employers, as required by federal and most academic rules. ***The psychiatric association said it had no plans to eliminate drug advertisements in its journals, commercial exhibits at meetings, or industry-sponsored fellowships for doctors.

via Psychiatric Group Ends Industry-Sponsored Seminars –

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