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P.W. Singer TED Presentation: Wired For War

I really love the talks on TED.  See my earlier post.  I heard one tonight that I wanted to log.  Peter Warren Singer is the director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution.  His TED talk discusses his current book, Wired for War, and the emerging use of robotics to replace humans on and above the battlefield.   He’s been out on the circuit promoting his book — I heard him on NPR’s Fresh Air a few months back.

What’s fascinating about all this is how quickly some of these technologies are now emerging.  The robotic pack mule, the drones, etc. are amazing.  But even more interesting is the psychological and practical effect these technologies might have.  I think we are entering a world of profound unintended consequences.  No, not Terminator — but maybe disturbing.  Take a look.


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