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Autopsies of War Dead Reveal Ways to Save Others –

An interesting article in the NYT about CT scans of our departed troops.  The use of the data has led to practical applications.  For example, after noting that tubing to inflate collapsed lungs was not long enough due to the larger size of many of the troops, new protocol were adopted for longer tubes – perhaps saving lives.  Of course, also, better information on armor for troops may have saved lives.

This reminds me of a puzzler on one of the Car Talk shows on NPR (if you are uninitiated, take a listen, Tom & Ray have a lot of fun, but they know there stuff).   The puzzler is about British bombers in WWII and engineering decisions concerning how to armor their undersides in face of anti-aircraft fire.  Quite similar in a way, despite the application in an entirely different war.

Autopsies of War Dead Reveal Ways to Save Others –


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