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Disturbing Paragraph of the Month

I read an article entitled “Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change our Lives“, courtesy of Marginal Revolution.  (A blog that is now one of my favorites).  The article contains the most disturbing paragraph I’ve read this month. (The overall article being quite interesting).   The article discusses the emergence of in-vitro meat (mass produced, as the article describes it: “tank steak, sci fi sausage, petri pork, beaker bacon, Frankenburger, vat-grown veal, laboratory lamb, synthetic shmeat, trans-ham, factory filet, test tube tuna, cultured chicken, or any other moniker that can seduce the shopper’s stomach”).  The article goes through a number of potential implications of mass-produced, cheap IVF, including #6:

Humans are animals, so every hipster will try Cannibalism. Perhaps we’ll just eat people we don’t like, as author Iain M. Banks predicted in his short story, “The State of the Art” with diners feasting on “Stewed Idi Amin.” But I imagine passionate lovers literally eating each other, growing sausages from their co-mingled tissues overnight in tabletop appliances similar to bread-making machines.

We shall see.  (Burgers compliments of Red Robin.)

via Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change Our Lives | h+ Magazine.

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