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Don’t know what to think about this…

The widow of a 413-pound Michigan lawyer who was charged in his death last week was released on her own recognizance Monday after prosecutors said they aren’t sure the forensic evidence supports their theory of the case. Laura Johnson was charged with second-degree murder and unauthorized practice of medicine in the death of her husband Lloyd Johnson, a former lawyer at Geoffrey Feiger’s law firm. Johnson was charged after police searched their home and seized scalpels, possible human tissue in the refrigerator, bloody sheets and a dead dog.

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Paragraph of the day

People, you and me, are not trusted. The right doesn’t like us because we don’t do what we’re told by our betters, and the left doesn’t like us because it secretly thinks we would be on the right given half a chance and a lottery win. And both think we should not make our own decisions, because we might make the wrong ones.

Terry Pratchett News April 2010 © PJSM Prints

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Paragraph of the day…

Her nature became his landmark– what Melville would call, with more sobriety than we can now muster, his Greenwich Standard…Most of us, I hope, have some child or spouse or friend like Beatrice, someone by his very nature, his seemingly innate goodness and intelligence, makes us uncomfortably conscious of our lies when we lie. – Dan Simmons, Hyperion.

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